Did you know that the sounds we hear around us are capable of producing some of the strongest emotional reactions in us? Voices can make us angry (relax -YOLO), calm and excited. Your sense of sound has the power to create a seriously exciting effect – enter VoiceCandy, an app that stimulates your brain (and more importantly, social life) through voice.

What is VoiceCandy you ask?

This is an app that allows you to connect with local people based on more than just looks. VoiceCandy allows users to ask questions, opinions, advice and submit them for vocal responses from other nearby users. Whether you’re looking for tips for a good night out or looking for that special someone, VoiceCandy is ‘hear’ to help (we couldn’t resist the pun). There’s no limit to where this app can take you; you may start the evening asking for a great Spaghetti Bolognese recipe and end up with your new found friends in the centre of London having dinner out at the hottest new Italian restaurant instead. Go on then, give it a listen.

Browse people nearby and answer their question by voice

Ask anything you want and let others answer

Chat with people you liked the sound of