Hello, I'm Youcef.

I'm a Serial Entrepreneur, Product Manager & Angel Investor based in the most fascinating city in the world, San Francisco. Previously lived in London, Paris & Berlin.

Always learning & questioning everything.

Co-founded 🚀

  • FrontHire
    • FrontHire ☠️
    • Time-saving hiring SaaS for hotels & restaurants
  • VoiceCandy
    • VoiceCandy ☠️
    • Connecting people with voice & icebreaker questions

Investments 💰

    • Prism
    • Community Development Platform (YC 17)

Awards 🏅

Photography 📸

I only take pictures using my iPhone & enjoy taking them outdoors with natural light.

Coffee? Call? 💜

I feel a great sense of fulfillment helping people. What can I do for you today?